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    What Is NeuroAstrology?

    Neuroastrology is an ultimate blend of divine science of astrology and Subconscious Mind Reprogramming (Neuro Linguistic Techniques). Though both these methods are capable of providing solutions independently, but when combined together, these produce wonderful results. Neuroastrology provides solutions for all domains of life - Physical and Mental Health, Relationships, Spiritual Growth, Progeny and their Career, Profession, Success in life, Fortune, Wealth and Status, Assets / Property etc.

    Solution / Remedies For All Domains Of Life

    Physical and Mental Health

    Neuroastrology helps us in identifying the health challenges ( both physical as well as mental) which may occur in future. It offers us preventive diagnostic power and neuroastral remedies both for preventive as well as curative purpose. When combined with medical treatment, it can enhance the recovery.

    Profession and Career

    Not only do we need to keep on progressing in our profession, but we also need to take care of circumstances which may provide setbacks. Also we need to know what kind of profession will be suitable for us; whether it should be a job or business. You get all these solutions using neuroastrological solutions. 

    Financial Prosperity

    Financial resources are one of the most important aspects of life. Everyone wants to know about their financial position, income sources etc. Neuroastrology also helps in taking right financial decision at the right time. It also provides the solutions to augment one's financial resources and improve overall position.

    Marriage and Relationships

    Peaceful relationships are one of the major pillars of a happy life. Neuroastrology helps in avoiding the circumstances in which relationships can be painful. It can help by providing remedial measures for weak planetary combinations as well as for afflictions of malefic planets so that individuals can have wonderful relationships.

    Children and Education

    Timing of birth and Progeny related issues are important for any family. What our children be in future and what subjects they should take to excel in their lives is, of utmost importance to all parents. Neuroastrology helps in identifying and providing solution for the obstacles they can face with regard to their health, education, career etc.

    Personality Improvement

    Every person has a unique personality comprising of physical appearance, intelligence, power of understanding and expressing etc. Different planets rule different personality traits. By knowing the personality traits of an individual, we can provide solution to improve certain traits necessary for the overall wellbeing of that person.

    How Does NeuroAstrology Work?

    Astrology helps in finding the root cause of the issue a person is facing. Once we know the real cause, we can apply Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques to resolve the issue. The solution can also be augmented by improving frequency using astrological remedies like wearing auspicious stones or by using Healy Device. Thus both the techniques when applied simultaneously provide fast and effective results. 

    Astrology has an advantage of predicting future events. Thus, by knowing what is going to happen in future, one can start planning for the future event in advance, again using Neuro Linguistic Techniques (NLP) further augmented by Frequency Improving using astrological solutions or using Healy Device.

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    About Nilesh Goswami

    Nilesh Goswami is World's 1st Neuro Astrologer who has combined the divine science of Astrology with Subconscious Mind Reprogramming (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Techniques to get effective solutions for life issues. He is a Happiness Rewiring Coach, NLP Master Coach, Memory Trainer, Online Business Strategy Expert and Jyotish Rishi ( from All India Federation Of Astrologers' Society, New Delhi). He has been helping people to come out of challenges since 2001.

    Connect with us to get your Horoscope analyzed scientifically to know the root cause of your issue and get Neuro Astro remedial measures.

    You don't have to live in pain anymore.

    We help you identify the root cause of your challenges and provide easy and effective remedies/solutions .

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    My son had long term health issues. After applying the suggested remedies, there is remarkable improvement in his health. Its really a blessing for our family.

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